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Talking all things general aviation and guiding you on a journey to achieving your Private Pilot's License and beyond


The podcast is hosted by an experienced flying instructor based in the UK who previously trained in the R.A.F. and flew Boeing 777s for an airline in Asia.

He’s passionate about deliverying the best possible training for his students and wanted to share some of the questions and conversations he goes through on a daily basis.

This podcast is for anyone thinking about startiong their journey to getting a flying license, for those already taking lessons or for more experienced pilots looking for a reminder on the fundemental flying skills.


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How to choose a flying club

Choosing somewhere to fly can be a daunting decision with so many airfields dotted around the country. This episode we talk about the different factors and how to find the[…]

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Can I learn to fly?

This is normally the first question anyone asks who thinking about getting their flying license… can I do it? Will I be able to?

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